How to unblock websites blocked by Kaspersky

Having trouble accessing certain websites due to Kaspersky blocking them? Here’s how to unblock those websites and regain access.

Creating an Exclusions List in Your Kaspersky Product

  • Add a website to the exclusions list to allow it to bypass Kaspersky’s web-blocking feature.
    • Open your Kaspersky product and go to the Settings menu.
    • Select the Additional tab and choose Threats and Exclusions.
    • Click on the Configure Exclusions button.
    • Click Add and select the type of exclusion (File, Application, or Web address).
    • Enter the URL of the website you want to unblock and click Add.
Check your Kaspersky settings to ensure that the website is not being blocked by the security software. You may need to add the website to the list of trusted sites.

Adding Applications and Links to Trusted Zone

To unblock websites blocked by Kaspersky, you can add applications and links to the trusted zone. First, open Kaspersky Internet Security and go to the Settings menu. Select the Additional tab and then click on Threats and Exclusions. Next, click on Specify Trusted Applications and add the application or link that you want to trust.

You can also add websites to the Trusted URL list by clicking on Specify Trusted URL and entering the URL of the website you want to unblock.

Kaspersky’s robust security measures may prevent access to potentially harmful websites.

Understanding the Causes of Blocked Websites

If you want to unblock a website blocked by Kaspersky, you can start by checking the list of blocked websites in the settings of the antivirus software. If the website is listed, you can choose to unblock it to access the content. Sometimes, Kaspersky may block a website by mistake, so it’s important to review the reasons behind the block and assess the risk before unblocking it.

If the website is not listed in the blocked websites, it’s possible that it’s being blocked by the web browser or by your internet service provider. In such cases, you may need to adjust the settings of your web browser or contact your ISP for further assistance. Understanding the causes of blocked websites is crucial for effectively unblocking them.

Kaspersky’s web filtering may block certain websites for safety reasons.

Troubleshooting Persistent Website Access Issues

If you are experiencing persistent website access issues due to Kaspersky Internet Security, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue.

First, ensure that the website you are trying to access is not on Kaspersky’s blacklist. You can do this by checking Kaspersky’s knowledge base or contacting their support team for assistance.

If the website is not on the blacklist, you can try disabling Kaspersky temporarily to see if that resolves the issue. If it does, you may need to adjust your Kaspersky settings to allow access to the website.

Another potential solution is to clear your web browser’s cache and cookies, as these can sometimes cause access issues.

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