Our system detected unusual traffic from your network – Understand and fix it

Have you received a message stating “Our system detected unusual traffic from your network”? If so, it’s important to understand why this message appeared and how to fix it.

Monitor and analyze your website traffic regularly to identify any unusual patterns or spikes in activity.

Causes of Automated Traffic Errors

Some common causes of automated traffic errors include using a virtual private network (VPN), malware on your computer network, or an unusual browsing behavior. These issues can trigger automated systems to flag your network as suspicious. To fix this, you can start by checking for any malware on your devices and ensuring that your VPN is not causing any unusual traffic. You can also try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies to reset your browsing behavior.

Additionally, checking your router’s settings and making sure your IP address is not blacklisted can help resolve the issue. It’s important to address these potential causes in order to prevent further automated traffic errors from occurring.

Our system has detected abnormal levels of traffic, indicating a potential security threat.

Potential Triggers: Speedy Searches to VPNs

  1. Check for Malware
    • Run a full system scan with a reliable antivirus program
    • Remove any malware or unwanted programs that are detected
  2. Reset Browser Settings
    • Open the browser settings menu
    • Reset the browser to its default settings
  3. Use a VPN with Caution
    • Ensure that the VPN service is reputable and trustworthy
    • Avoid using free VPNs that may compromise security

Resolving the Automated Traffic Message

If you received an automated traffic message from our system, it means that unusual activity has been detected from your network. To resolve this issue, first, check for any virtual private networks (VPNs) or browser extensions that may be causing the unusual traffic. Make sure your computer network, modem, and router are functioning properly. If you are using a VPN, try disabling it and see if the issue persists.

In some cases, completing a reCAPTCHA verification may help resolve the issue. If the problem continues, contact your internet service provider to ensure there are no network issues on their end.

Unusual traffic patterns have been identified by our monitoring system, prompting further investigation.

Steps to Clear the Error: From CAPTCHA to Malware Cleanup

Step Description
Step 1 Verify that you are not a robot by completing the CAPTCHA.
Step 2 Check for any malware or viruses on your network and remove them.
Step 3 Ensure that your network is not being used for any malicious activities.
Step 4 Review your network security settings and update any outdated software or plugins.
Step 5 Contact your network administrator or ISP for further assistance if the issue persists.
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